Semuliki Reserve

Located in Bundibugyo district western region on the Uganda border with Democratic Republic of Congo adjoined by Rwenzori Mountains to the south east side of the park and Lake Albert on the parks north side within the Albertine rift western arm of the East Africa rift valley.Semliki Forest Reserve was created in 1932 and then upgraded to a national park in 1993 with an area of and it is the only lowland tropical rain forest in east Africa boasting of 441 bird species and 53 mammals with most of the animals and plants species found in the Congo basin forest. Attractions in the park include the Sempaya hot springs, Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve.

Four ethnic groups living near the park the Bamba framers live along the base of Rwenzori, Bakonzo live on the mountain slopes, Batuuku cattle keepers live on the open plains and the Batwa pygmy live on the edge of the forest after their eviction from the Ituri forest. To book or inquire about a tour or rental car contact us at or call us on +256-700135510



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