Mountain Rwenzori

Rwenzori Mountains National Park lies in the western Uganda along the Uganda- Democratic Republic of Congo border and covers an area of It was gazetted in 1991 and was recognized as a World Heritage site in 1994 and a RAMSAR site in 2008. The Rwenzori Mountains also called the mountains of the moon strides the Equator with its highest peak at 5109m above sea level called the margherita peak.
 It is a block mountain with rocks up faulted through the floor of the western rift valley is the third highest in Africa with many lakes, waterfalls, and glaciers and lower slopes covered by dense forests. The early geographers referred to it as a source of the world’s longest river called the Nile.

The park hosts of 70 mammals, 217 bird species including the 17 Albertine rift endemics and also notable more for their majestic scenery and varied vegetation with five distinct vegetation zones montane forest, bamboo forest, tree heath bog, hagenia – rapanea scrub and afro alpine moorland  
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