Super Custom Van

This customized Toyota Super custom van seats a maximum of 8 people with a driver and greatly differs from the other minivan models available, starting with its interior , this is  more luxury  and very  comfortable. The seats are very adjustable to fit any direction with enough leg room; the vehicle has enough cargo space, so you can fit all your bags with no worries. The Super custom is suitable for guided group tours in Uganda, family vacations, wedding parties, seminars as well as business conferences and self drive trips if you ca drive it by yourself. This is a 4x4 vehicle and can handle all rough terrain in any remote destination including wildlife parks

Hire a Super custom in Uganda today at $85 per day  with a driver, rate excludes fuel. To book or inquire, you can send us an email – and we shall be glad to  read from you. Call directly to +26700135510, +256414699459



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