Limousine is among the most popular luxury sedan cars hired for special events like weddings, birthday parties among other occasions. It such a stylish car commands respect and shows class for any one that is using it . Rent a Limo with a chauffeur for your wedding day and arrive like a King & Queen in high majesty to spice up you the party. The car is divided into two cabins, one for the driver and the other for passengers offering you all the privacy and freedom you require. It also features a beautiful interior with a bar setting, freezer, air-conditioning, TV screen, FM Radio player, Flash player with. The car can seat up to 8 people although you can ride just the 2 of you and your bride or groom.

Hire a Limousine in Uganda at 1,300,000 to 1,500,000 per day with a driver &  fuel within Kampala city. Send us an email – and we shall be glad to read from you. Call directly to +26700135510, +256414699459.



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