Bird Watching Safaris

Uganda is home to up to 1057 bird species which are spread in the various tourist destinations among which are the National Parks, lakes, Swamps, forests, river banks and more areas around the country. There a number of popular African birds in Uganda among which are the ostriches of Kidepo National Park, Maraboou stock that are commonly spotted in the city, short tailed wabler, sunbirds, kingfishers, pigeons, Egyptian goose, the Uganda Crane, Great blue turacos among others.

Be part of our guided birding safaris and explore the best of Uganda’s national parks and reserves that harbor a big number of birdlife; Murchison Falls National Park with approximately 455 bird species, with best views along the Nile Delta. The boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel also presents an opportunity for perfect view of the pink backed pelicans, Kingfisher, African Fish eagle and many more. Add a wave of adventure to your birding trip with a wildlife viewing, primate tracking , gorilla experience and cultural trails. Other popular birding spots in Uganda include the Royal mile in Budongo forest, Mabamba swamp on Lake Victoria , Entebbe & Kampala city among others.

Join our professional birding team in the rain forest of Uganda and swamps for the best view of birds, make your list of birds to  see and send to  us at or call +256700135510, +256 414 699459

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